Thursday, 2 April 2015

Real Estate

I love good terrain. Especially when I don't actually have to paint it. EM4's inn and farm have my particular affection in that regard, and the terrain I have for Frostgrave is entirely GF9 out-of-the-box. That said, last summer's ship project was great fun, and I fancied experimenting with something similar this year.

Much as I love ships, I can't really justify building my own tramp steamer (at least, not yet...), but a random stroll on eBay brought this to my attention:

The 'Falcon Castle' from Simba
It's a grey plastic play castle that scale pretty much perfectly for 28mm figures, as can be seen here, with Fireforge figures from my Frostgrave gangs hanging around on top of and next to one of the towers (you can just see a crossbowman poking his nose out).

I've seen the Simba castle used here and there for various projects, and pounced when I saw it for a tenner. 

Right now, I don't really have much of a plan for it, other than (inevitably) a repaint. Annoyingly, the walls are very thin, so I'll need to build a new inner wall for each one. Still, if that's the worst challenge I face from this project, so much the better!

I'm sure it'll be serving alongside my GF9 terrain for games of Frostgrave, but it would also fit with some of my more generic fantasy figures. The question is whether or not I customize it to be more closely associated with a particular one of my armies. I've got some undead that would be the primary contenders - I've always kind of fancied building my own little Nockmaar... Now, where can I lay my hands on a 28mm Bavmorda to lead the army...?