Sunday, 11 September 2016

Angry Kraken

Angry Kraken is angry.
Now, I know about GW's Purity Seal, and its propensity to frost on miniatures if the temperature is too high. Or too low. Or if the humidity is too high. Or if the spray is too far from the miniatures. Or too low. Or if it's high tide. Or if it's the year after one in which the World Series was won in a National League stadium...

Because it's easy and convenient to get hold of, I choose to run these risks. I've run afoul of it in the past, but only once to the point where a model is unusable. Not bad for more than a decade of using it. Generally, a second light spray fixes it; in extreme cases, a small amount of touching up is required. Or so I thought...

Left: A Greyjoy. Right: A Grey Greyjoy.
Having finished the second half of my first Greyjoy unit, I gave it the usual light spray of Purity Seal. This time, however, I was less than amused to discover that, rather than providing the satin varnish it is supposed to, or even frosting in the familiar manner, it coated the six figures in a light grey shade.

Anyway. The Greyjoy project is on hold until I get some motivation to repaint these guys, or (as I suspect is more likely) build six new models. In the meantime, I'm open to suggestions for alternate varnishes. I've heard good things about Testors Dullcote and mixed things about Vallejo varnishes of various types.

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