Friday, 13 October 2017

Long(bow) Overdue

It's been... too long since I felt the urge to pick up a paintbrush. There's been some kitbashing in that time (and stuff that I'm pretty proud of, at that!), but I just haven't been of a mind to paint. Recently, however, I felt the urge, and I took another swing at some archers/hunters for the Choleric Order of the Yellow Bile that had been sitting, half-painted, on my desk for a couple of months.

I don't have a punny disease-based name for these guys.

I'm actually quite happy with these kitbashes. They're Frostgrave Cultist bodies and heads with arms from Perry Wars of the Roses plastics. I have something of a love-hate relationship with some of the Perry kits - the detail is exquisite, but sometime the pieces are just a bit too fine for my taste. Here, they work well (in my opinion, anyway!).

Fluff-wise, these guys are the scouts, saboteurs, and general 'dirty tricks brigade' for the Order, so I kept the use of yellow to just the hoods and a couple of sashes - my thinking is that these guys are better than most of the cult at infiltrating a crowd, and can whip off their distinctive hoods to blend in. Current plan is for the main body of cultists to have a more yellow-dominated costume, closer to those of the Magisters.

All in all, I'm actually quite happy to have the urge to paint again - these flew from the brush once I got started - and I'm reinvigorated on the Order front. Next up (once I figure out what kits I'm going to raid for parts with which to build the models) are probably going to be 5 Templars - slightly more heavily armoured guys to act as bodyguards for the Magisters, and whips to keep the brethren in line. Thereafter, just 10 cultists to go!

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  1. They look good! Nice to see you back in action, I can sympathise re. hobby slumpage sometimes too.