Friday, 14 September 2018

I Wrote a Thing

It's been a while since I wrote anything (two years since Steampunk Soldiers: The American Frontier, and nearly four since the original volume!), but February sees the release of my latest, and much more modest, venture into putting pen to paper.

Frostgrave: The Wizards' Conclave is a collection of scenarios and adventures for Joseph A. McCullough's Frostgrave skirmish game, written by some of the biggest names in wargaming... and me! Joe has rounded up an all-star team of contributors for this one, and the scenarios they've written are incredible.

I am honoured that Joe asked me to write a scenario for him, and I am beyond proud to share an author's credit with designers of such pedigree. I just hope that my contribution doesn't let the side down!

Joe has commented on the book a little more here, and his blog is the best place to check for more information as the release date creeps closer...

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  1. Awesome! I loved Steampunk Soldiers. Looking forward to it.