Wednesday, 14 November 2018

A Very Special Card

The other day, Frostgrave author, Joe McCullough (check out his blog here), surprised me with an email containing a cryptic message - "What's so special about these Magic cards, other than the fact that they are signed by Dmitry?" - and a photo of two Magic: The Gathering cards:

I knew that Dmitry Burmak (who, with his wife, Kate, is the artistic driving force behind Frostgrave) had done some work for Magic in the recent 'Unstable' expansion, and thought he'd sent Joe a couple of signed cards - a really nice little gift.

Then Joe sent me a second email. This one showed the reverse of the cards:

As fans of Frostgrave will recognize, that's a sketch of the scene from the cover of the rulebook.

It turns out that Magic artists receive a few blank-backed cards for the purposes of autographs, convention sketches, and the like - including surprising people with completely out-of-the-blue illustrations! I know it's not Christmas yet, but this might very well be the best Christmas card I'll ever receive.

Joe and I have already noted that, as the two cards form a single image, they will need to passed down to our descendants to allow them to identify themselves to each other by reforming the image. Given that I'm investing in a baseball card-style acrylic display block for it, that might prove trickier than originally anticipated...

Oh, and for anyone wondering - I'm the Chipper Chopper, while Joe is the Chivalrous Chevalier. That seems about right to me...

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