Monday, 23 January 2017

Oh Captain, My Captain 2.0

I've loved the Frostgrave Wraith Knights since I saw Dmitry's initial roughs for the artwork, but I never got around to painting them up.

Rummaging in my Drawers of Mystery (a couple of old file drawers I keep on the windowsill behind me at Osprey Towers) the other day, I found a sculpt of the one drawing his sword, and immediately knew what I wanted to do with it (which makes a nice change).

Step 1: clip off the helmeted head.
Step 2: carve out a hollow to accommodate a new head.
Step 3: glue on one of the Frostgrave Barbarian heads.

For once, everything went as planned.

Off came the head, the hollow was carved, and the new head fit perfectly at the first time of asking. At this point, I panicked and left the miniature alone for a few days lest I glue it to my face or something.

When I did get back to it, I went for a simple paintjob, roughly keeping the Lord of the Rings Rohirrim in mind, though I did go back and repaint the scale mail as metal rather than leather as I initially started out.

All told, this might be my favourite figure in a long time. He really looks like a grizzled veteran, and I'm looking forward to adding him to a warband as a Captain.