Tuesday, 24 January 2017


I'm still on a bit of a roll with painting, which is nice, as I'm clearing my desk of models faster than I can kitbash new ones!

This chap has been half-finished for some time now, but I didn't really have the motivation to go back and finish him off until recently.

He's a very simple kitbash - Bretonnian Man-at-Arms body, head, and shield (what would I do without that kit? Glad I stockpiled a few boxes before GW discontinued the line) with an Empire warhammer arm and a gorget. As with some of my recent conversions, the only real work was carving away the arm that was originally in place while leaving a flat surface for the new one to sit on, and ensuring that the hood lay plausibly on top of the new shoulder.

I saw this guy as the 'breacher', responsible for kicking in doors, so wanted to give him a bit of bulk. I used the fat Bretonnian body, but decided early on to paint it as a breastplate rather than a belly, and opted for a leaner face to emphasize 'size' rather than 'fat'. He also got placed him on a piece of slate for a bit of a height boost. This also tied him in nicely to my knight, around whom a small gang is slowly forming. This also inspired the painting, using the same mix of blues, greys and browns that I liked for the previous figures in this group (the knight and the infantryman/cleric).

Now I've got a few characters for this little gang, they're starting to take on some personality, and I have a few more models destined to join them (hopefully) before long.

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