Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (and the Sewer Watch)

Hot (for me, anyway) on the heels of the Breacher for my little Fantasy gang come two more generic guardsmen named (natch) Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. I've also started to string together a little fluff for my own entertainment, so while they're not dead (yet), they're the next best thing...

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern

These two started out as basic troopers, simply intended to make up the numbers. As I got increasingly kitbash happy, though, they took on a bit more personality.

Rosencrantz looked a little sparse, so I chucked on a GW Empire gorget and a small Bretonnian shield to tie him more to the Breacher - I see him as the guy that's second through the door, attacking over the Breacher's back with his spear. Arms are a Frostgrave Soldier's, simply drilled out for a wire spear.

Guildenstern, meanwhile, was destined to become the pack mule of the gang, receiving various bits and bobs, including a Frostgrave Soldier rucksack (again, as with the infantryman/cleric, used as a knapsack off the belt), a Perry axe and buckler, and the vitally useful rope (again, Frostgrave).

The bodies and heads of both are Fireforge infantry of some description.

Overall, pretty chuffed with them. Simple models, but fun.

I'm now up to five for my little gang - this tends to represent the tipping point for my interest unless I'm working towards a specific project. Normally, I'll wander off onto some other random little faction. However, in the case of these guys, I'm really enjoying just cobbling together some kits every now and again, so I think I'll keep at it. Like I say, specific projects help, so I've got my fluff on...

The Sewer Watch

Felstad Sewer Watch, 3rd Patrol (Tanners' Quarter)
Everyone knows that Felstad (1) is built on a maze of sewers, tunnels, and (it's rumoured) the ruins of older civilizations. Everyone knows that these passages house smugglers, beggars, and thieves. Everyone knows that the penalties for venturing below the city are harsh. Very few, however, know what's really down there...

Sinister cults, crazed mages, roving undead, and monstrous oozes rub shoulders with thieves and assassins throughout the sewer levels. The tunnels beneath them are home to savage humanoids and half-blind monsters while, deeper still, even more bizarre and terrifying creatures may be found.

The job of handling all this falls to the men and women of the Sewer Watch. Made up of convicts, disgraced soldiers, bastard sons of petty nobles, and individuals the Council simply wants to disappear, the Watch maintains the security of the city from threats from below ground, just as the Army and Navy guard against external threats, and the Council's mages prevent invasion from other planes of existence. Unlike the Army, Navy, and the mages, the Sewer Watch's resources consist of a spear (2) and helm per man, whatever the Office of Public Works can spare, and whatever the Watch can scrounge and extort from their 'beat' (3).

Were it not for the stench, the enchantment placed upon them that ensures their silence about their duties, and the fact that they're all ornery bastards (4), the Sewer Watch might be hailed as Felstad's greatest heroes.
(1) Not that one. 
(2) Despite the impracticality of using a spear in some of the tight tunnels and passageways beneath Felstad, they prove useful in the larger caverns and junctions and their length provides an advantage against many foes, not to mention the vast convenience of having a 10ft pole with which to test depth, surety of footing, check for traps...
(3) This is by far the greatest source of income for the Watch.
(4) If they're not a miserable, resentful, spiteful bastard before they get chucked into the Watch, it doesn't take long for them to become one...

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