Thursday, 9 March 2017


I've had a box of GW's Plaguebearer demons for a while - I nabbed it when a FLGS was selling off all its GW stock (should have grabbed the Demon Prince too, dammit!) at a pittance. I've sat on them since, not really knowing what to do with them.

I still don't really know what to do with them, but the other weekend I just wanted to do some modelling and painting, and didn't have the inspiration to do anything more unique. Instead, I carved off the horns and filled in some of the more ridiculous bodies (one with a Nurgling cavorting in the stomach cavity and one with a gaping maw in the belly), and set to painting.

Were it not for the horns, the cyclopean eyes, and the random mutations, these might be the best zombie models around.
One 'gut-mouth' survived; the other became a vague mass of innards. Thank-you, Polystyrene Cement.

These were my first attempts using a brown basecoat. It felt a little odd as I'm so used to black, but I think I may switch over to it for future models. Paintjobs were simple - zombie-green flesh, purple wash on the swollen limbs, open wounds and exposed organs in dark red, large pustules picked out in dark yellow, smaller pimples in white (I had my doubts but it does make them really pop... no pun intended), and a few spots picked out in a bubblegum pink for contrast (again, had my doubts about that, but it worked well). Finish off with my usual brown wash all over. Basecoat to basing in about 5 hours.

Got to say, I never really liked the Plaguebearer models - the rictus grins, mono-horns, and capering Nurglings always seemed a bit silly. Having actually had them in-hand, I'm something of a convert. The 'silliness' is far less than I originally thought and, with the removal of the horns, I like the sinister profile they have. The filthy, plague-ridden hordes of Nurgle seem a good fit for my wash-heavy style of painting too. Might have to try some more. Blightkings, you say...?

The horde. I'm kinda tempted to throw in some Mantic zombies to make these guys really look like the bruisers they are.


  1. Wow, removing the horns really does make all of the difference. Those look good. Let's get them into the Frozen City. Brown basecoat? Sprayed on or painted on?

    1. Painted on - just using some of the same Army Painter shade that I use to edge the bases. Nothing too dark, but actually I think I prefer the additional clarity that comes from not using black.