Thursday, 9 April 2020


Last weekend was somewhat productive (by my standards, anyway) and, alongside the reading and gardening, I painted my six pikemen.
I went with a pretty simple paint scheme, and one that, as it happens, is vaguely Stark-like - brown leather armour over blue-grey tunics. I used a couple of different browns for the armour, just for a little variety, and while it's somewhat noticeable on the figures, I should probably have switched to a different wash instead. Where I did use a different (for me) wash was on the armour. Normally, I just use Army Painter Soft Tone over everything, but for these guys I went with Dark Tone on the metal elements. I really like the effect on the helmets - it makes them feel a bit more rough and veteran.

All told, I really like these guys, and will be starting on some swordsmen to accompany them over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend... Unless I get distracted by something else.

I still have no idea what faction these guys will end up forming.

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