Friday, 27 March 2020

Untitled Fantasy Project #52

One of the downsides to the recent shift to working from home is that I have one desk, which doubles as a workplace and as a painting station. So, while I'm sat working, I have unfinished projects gazing at me the whole time. I feel judged.

Simply hiding them away wasn't viable, as it turns out that was how I dealt with the last time I faced a somewhat overwhelming backlog of projects, and drawer space is painfully finite. So, it looks as though I have no option but to crack on with them! At least then I'll have painted figures cluttering me up...

So, here are my current figures, six pikemen:
I'm hoping that small numbers (not to mention a uniform... uniform) will help me get them done swiftly before I get distracted and move onto kit-bashing something else.

All of these are from Fireforge Games' Northmen Warriors, from the same range as the cultists in the Choleric Order of the Yellow Bile (found here and here). They're straight out of the Game of Thrones Stark army, and I'm planning on building a small, generic military force that can be pressed into service for a variety of Fantasy games. The real flavour will come with the commanders and characters I add to the force. For now, I'm planning on some clerics and paladins so that this force can be pitted against the very same Choleric Order of the Yellow Bile. I don't have a name for this faction just yet, though (suggestions welcomed!).

Somewhat unusually for me, they're a straight build out of the box (I think the bare head might have come from the Archer pack instead), albeit with the plastic spears clipped off and replaced with metal pikes. I tend to do this with all spear-armed models these days - I generally prefer the less exaggerated look, and the occasional pricking is a small price to pay for the additional heft - so drilling out the hands was a doddle. The only slightly odd one was the arm wrapped around a banner pole (seen in the centre of the rear rank in the photo above), which required a little more carving to get right.

If that one was the oddity, the two levelled pike were the pains in my behind! The original component is both arms and the spear as a single piece, so drilling out the hands and getting everything to level up properly was a bit of bugbear! The effect is great, though, so I'll be doing two more should this unit expand further.

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  1. Looking good! Welcome to the ranks of the 'One Deskers'.