Monday, 31 March 2014

Bebop and Rocksteady

Busy day at the office today, so didn't feel like starting painting when I got in. I did, however, feel like gluing some bits of plastic to other bits of plastic, so I put together a couple of bodyguards for my Orc command group.

Having decided to use GW Gor arms to give them a little more beef than their regular Orc brethren, I equipped them both with two-handed axes – a nice callback to the chieftain, and also setting them apart from the other figures in the army. With fewer useful off-hands from which to choose (as i didn't want dual-wielding of immense weapons), I ended up with two 'fist-shaking' poses. Having used the same body for one of the bodyguards as for the druid/shaman model, I decided that these two bruisers were the henchmen for the chieftain and the druid respectively... and did not get on.

So, here we have two angry, angry Orcs, quite happy to let their personal feuds get in the way of their duties, threatening each other behind the backs of their commanders. With such a back-story, and my love of 80s cartoons, I have nicknamed them Bebop (top) and Rocksteady (bottom).

The plan is to build the standard bearer and the missing 3 Orcs from Hand Weapon Unit 1 then get them all painted. That will then be half my projected force done and dusted (though I suspect I'll have enough bits left over for at least one, possibly two, more 5-Orc units of spears, bows or hand weapons).

Command Group (Chieftain, Druid, 2x bodyguard)
Spear Unit 1 (5/5 warriors)
Hand Weapon Unit 1 (2/5 warriors)
Command Group (Standard Bearer)
Hand Weapon Unit 1 (3/5 warriors)
Archer Unit 1 (0/5 archers)
Spear Unit 2 (0/5 warriors)
Hand Weapon Unit 2 (0/5 warriors)

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