Sunday, 30 March 2014

Pointy Orcs!

With the arrival of two bagfuls of Bretonnian Men-at-Arms bodies, and with the last Frostgrave gang drying from varnishing and the Umbar Marines on deck for basecoating, I took the opportunity to put together some more Orcs for my little clan.

I must have been in Lion Rampant mode still, as when I'd clipped everything from the sprues and cleaned them up, I discovered that I had 6 models ready to go. In my sawn-off adaptation of LR, 6 figures makes a basic infantry unit – for most other games, I stick to units of 5 or 10. Still, there will be enough models to work up something for LR if I want to further down the line. So, depending on my requirements, the club-wielding Orc in this happy little band will serve in another unit.

As before, all arms and heads are GW Ungor, and all bodies are the Bretonnians.


5x warriors (spear) (1 unit)
2x warriors (hand weapon)

Standard Bearer
2x bodyguard
5x archers
13x warriors (hand weapon or spear)

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