Friday, 7 March 2014

D&D Characters

A few of my friends and I have recently been preparing to kick off a D&D campaign, and the planning got me nostalgic for the good old days of dungeon crawls and (if I'm perfectly honest) loot-grabbing.

I threw together some figures to represent our characters, mainly just 'cos. I don't think we'll be using the tabletop map-heavy approach of current-edition D&D, but everyone should still have a character model, right?

Here's my chap, a stoic human ranger (Neutral Good because I'm lazy, longbow and falchion because I'm the only fighty character in the group!):

This, like a lot of my current models, incorporates bits from a few Fireforge kits.

Then we have a gnome sorcerer (I know, right?), seen here, at right, in a scale shot with the ranger and a dwarf made in a fit of boredom one evening. The gnome is a GW grot/gretchin (or whatever they call space goblins these days), with a Warlord Zulu head, sawn-off Fireforge arms and a smattering of GW gubbins on his belt and back (including a scroll resized as a bedroll – pretty chuffed with that):

There's also a human rogue to come, which is one I'm looking forward to. While waiting for that player to come up with his character, however, I threw together a couple of classics:

The Mindflayer
Wargames Factory squid head on a GW Dark Elf body (a charioteer, hence the dramatically levelled staff). The mindflayers are simply one of the finest D&D villains ever, and this guy is, I hope, a suitable tribute to them (even if the number of face tentacles is wrong. Apparently).

The Evil Cleric
I always wanted to try running a cleric in an 'evil' campaign, but never found a GM willing to give it a go. This was another spur-of-the-moment conversion, using a few bits and bobs: GW Dark Elf torso and arms, Fireforge Mongol legs, Warlord Roman shield (with a GW shield icon stuck on), and a Wargames Factory samurai head, minus its topknot. Looks a little like Patrick Stewart, which is kind of perfect!

I'm having so much fun with the villains that I've got a couple of Duergar awaiting delivery of a few components (they'll be in the style of the dwarf above – Bretonnian bodies with the legs chopped off and feet sculpted on – I think), and plans for some Drow and enslaved Orcs. I might even conceivably press them into service as a Frostgrave gang in due course...

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  1. You've got to be seriously into your D&D to know how many face tentacles a Mindflayer is supposed to have. It looks awesome. Paint that sucker up!