Wednesday, 10 May 2023

Pac-Man From Hell

It has been altogether too long since I did any miniatures stuff for pleasure (Feb 2022), and even longer since I painted anything (July 2020!). Recently, though, my minis mojo has been on the rise, and I've been dabbling with a few projects, some new, some unfinished. I've even been inspired to break out the paints again!

I wanted to start with something relatively simple to get a quick 'win' under my belt, so opted for a single creature, rather a new unit or something. As it happened, the target of 'simple' was achieved on all counts! The model I selected was a Roiling Oil from the Pathfinder Battles line of pre-painted miniatures. As I've said before many times on this blog - I love the D&D/Pathfinder pre-paints for big monsters. They tend to hold better detail than smaller figures in the same lines (fewer bendy weapons!) and they're usually fairly cheap to pick up on the second-hand market despite the arbitrary rarities allocated to each model. Mould lines are often a bit of a drag to remove but, again, easier to do on the larger models.

This one was a large ooze - a perfect addition to the Choleric Order of the Yellow Bile, which has gone a while without reinforcements. Naturally, the black ooze was re-skinned to represent one of the cult's sacred idols, a physical manifestation of the Yellow Bile itself (or so they believe).

The paint-job was simplicity itself - brown base-coat, dark yellow all over, brighter yellow highlights, brown wash all over. Done.

All told, I'm rather pleased with it and have found it a home alongside the Choleric Order on my shelves. It's actually a more effective centrepiece than I first thought - the model is much larger than one might expect. That works nicely enough given the fluff of the force!

All I need to do now is figure out what stats I want to give it. Of course, it's a big, yellow maw, so I reckon it has to have some kind of bonus against ghosts and other ethereal undead...

Nom nom nom nom

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